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Emperor Competitive Season 6 - Reset Announcement

Posted by BenjaminGoGeese, 2022-05-08

Greetings Emperors! Like widespread known, Sanctions has won the last season of Emperor and is rewarded the win! So, it's time to announce the new date of Season 6 of Emperor! The changelog will be released in a separate announcement, but the Dynamic Map is already viewable. Press here to view it..

For upcoming season we have decided you can win a coupon for our server store whenever you (almost) win. These rewards will be given to the /c victory top leaderboard instead of the /c top leaderbord.

  • #1 will get a $50 store coupon.

  • #2 will get a $30 store coupon.

  • #3 will get a $15 store coupon.

This will be rewarded on Discord to the founder of the Civilization.

Some fun statistics about the upcoming map;

  • Radius is 8000 blocks
  • There are 4227 trade goodies
  • There are 4866 strategic goodies

The server will start on Saturday, May 14th at our regular time (6:00 PM GMT+1, 12:00 PM ET, 9:00 AM PT)

Hope to see you all there!