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Emperor Season 6 - Release Notes

Posted by BenjaminGoGeese, 2022-05-11

Good day Emperors! Like promised, here is the change log of upcoming season of Emperor! Be aware! There are some changes to the Technology Tree and Civic Tree so be sure to check that one out as well!


Added two new structures.

Tree Farm

The Tree Farm is a unique structure which can chop wood for you. It will automatically plant trees and will chop them down afterwards for you.

The base processing speed is 1x per 60 seconds, but can be upgraded to it will process quicker. For each structure level you upgrade it will reduce 5 seconds from the processing speed and will unlock a new type of axe which you can input.

In the Tree Farm you can toggle the tree type you want it to chop down. You can also toggle if you want to break the axe when it reaches 0 durability, or to keep it.

Whenever it breaks the tree, you will also gain any other drops you can gain. For example sticks, saplings and apples.


In this structure you can process all types of wood into their planks and into special types of wood.

If the storage chest becomes full the structure will jam and stop working until the storage chest is cleared. It is important that the Sawmill's storage chest is emptied often or it will not function. Unlike other processing structures, this structure does not have an output in the warehouse

The Sawmill is very simple to operate, simply put logs into the input chest. The logs will then start processing and generating their planks and sometimes, if you're lucky, special types of wood which is needed to craft gear.

The Sawmill has a base processing speed of 16. Unlike other structures, the sawmill doesn't have a leveling system.


We've made some general changes to the Government values.

  • Anarchy
    • Upkeep has been reduced from 400% to 300%.
  • Despotism
    • Cottage rate has been increased from 50% to 65%.
    • Buff has been changed so Sawmills gets a +25% processing buff as well.
  • Monarchy
    • Cottage Rate has been increased from 150% to 175%
    • Growth Rate has been increased from 125% to 130%
  • Marcantilism
    • Trade Rate has been increased from 185% to 190%
    • Cottage Rate has been increased from 50% to 65%
  • Republic
    • Culture Rate has been decreased from 150% to 135%


  • Mob spawning rates has been increased in The Dungeon for Tier 2 mobs and above.
  • Loot changes towards the Abyss mobs:
    • Abyssal DeadEye:
      • Added Reinforced String (20%)
      • Added Robust String (10%)
    • Abyssal Rift Keeper:
      • Added Reinforced Leather (20%)
      • Added Robust Leather (10%)
    • Abyssal Vanguard:
      • Added Carbide Steel (15%)
      • Added Titanium Steel (8%)


Units got a complete overhaul, adding unit specific upgrade trees and removing the "level button". Instead, you will have to input the required strategic goodies when you're promoting the units.

Leveling a unit costs time not, requiring gaining experience by doing labor tasks. Each unit has a special task and will require something else to do. Each Unit and their task is visible on the wikipedia.









As shown above, the Worker unit has been split up to 2 separate units, the Miner and Lumberjack unit.

World Events

A World Event will launch once every 36 hours and is an event where everyone can participate in order to gain loot.

Currently, there are two world events;

Big Ruin

In the Big Ruin event, a big ruin will spawn within 1000 blocks of spawn and everyone can go to the ruin. Loot will spawn fast, and the event will last for 30 minutes. Be sure to bring your gear, since other players can kill you as well!

King of the Hill

If this event launches, be sure to head over to spawn as fast as possible and head into the portal near the spawn location! This will teleport you to the KOTH world where your Civilization needs to get the most points by holding the top of the monument. PvP is enabled, so be sure to bring enough potions and gear!

In TAB you can see how much score the top Civilization has. At the end of the event, the founder of the Civilization will get a package with loot inside.

Misc changes

  • Efficient Gears trade buff now includes Sawmills
  • Cheap Labor civic now includes Sawmills
  • Crafted Wood is no longer craftable and only obtainable through the Sawmill
  • Modified the Technology Tree so the Miner unit is available way earlier in the game
  • Modified the Technology Tree so the Sawmill, Tree Farm and Lumberjack unit could be added.
  • Re-balanced Ideology to only give two free Civics, but will be given earlier into the Technology Tree.
  • Land Taxes has been moved up in the Technology Tree
  • Commerce Technology required different technologies now
  • Renamed Work Force technology to Sifting
  • Made Workforce Civic apply to Lumberjack and Miner units instead of Worker units.
  • Made Strict Training policy apply to Lumberjack and Miner units instead of Worker units.
  • Made it so it shows how long you have remaining in your golden age instead of showing the end date/time
  • Made it so you can build your shipyard in a swamp biome as well.
  • Made it so you can deal friendly fire outside of War-Time with ranged attacks, but not during War-Time