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Emperor Season 7 - Release Notes

Posted by BenjaminGoGeese, 2022-07-14

Season 7

Tech Tree

Tech Tree has been modified slightly and can be viewed here!

Civic Tree

Civic Tree is re-worked and can be viewed here

Wonder Rework

Wonders got a major rework and almost all buffs got changed, including the Wonder Combo Buffs. Also, the Colosseum saw it's retirement and got replaced by the Big Ben. Below is each wonder with each buff.


The Great Pyramid Type: Cultural

  • Civ Wide: Golden Ages lasts 50% longer
  • Town Buff: Removes the Golden Age scaling impact on the host town
  • Civ Wide: +10% on your Happiness State Rates.

Oracle Type: Cultural

  • Civ Wide: You are allowed to reset your policies once every 3 days without the cost of going into anarchy.
  • Civ Wide: Increases the maximum level of Temple by 1 across your Civilization.
  • Civ Wide: You can select 4 extra policies between tier 1 and 6.
  • Civ Wide: Other Civilizations without a Open Border treaty or at war with you cannot enter your culture at all anymore

Taj Mahal Type: Cultural

  • Civ Wide: Each Town in your Civilization increases your Civilization's Culture Rate by 5% up to a maximum of 35%
  • Town/Civ Buff: At upkeep, the Culture produced by the host town in that tick is multiplied by 12x and is split evenly between all your other Towns as bonus Culture.
  • Town Buff: Quests' reward give you 50 culture per era.

Big Ben Type: Economic

  • Civ Wide: Gives a bonus of 2% Interest rate to every town in your Civilization. Also boosts your bank rate by 25% in all towns.
  • Civ Wide: Increase the maximum level of Bank by 1 across your Civilization.
  • Town Buff: Removes your host town's upkeep.
  • Civ Wide: -25% Unit upkeep across the Civilization. Repairing military equipment costs 50% less.

Global Stock Exchange Type: Economic

  • Civ Wide: Increases trade income by 20% across the Civilization.
  • Civ Wide: Increase the maximum level of Grocer by 1 across your Civilization.
  • Town Buff: Increases the Trade Goodie Stacking Multiplier by 1 in the Town the wonder is built in.
  • Civ Wide: Gives all your residents Speed II and Jump Boost II for 30 minutes when repo happens

The Hanging Gardens Type: Economic

  • Civ Wide: Increase income from Cottages and Pasture Egg Rate by 20%.
  • Civ Wide: Increase the maximum level of Cottages and Bakery by 1 across your Civilization.
  • Town Buff: Reduces Cottages Consumption by 50% inside the host town.
  • Civ Wide: Civilization's residents no longer lose hunger.

The Great Lighthouse Type: Production

  • Civ Wide: Increases the amount of tile improvement in all your Towns by 15%.
  • Civ Wide: Increase the maximum level of Mine and Pasture by 1 across your Civilization.
  • Town Buff: Your Hammers can be used on an extra task in the host town. (units, upgrading, wonders and building)
  • Town Buff: Quests' reward give you 25 hammers per era

Globe Theatre Type: Production

  • Civ Wide: Your Golden Ages increase your Towns' Happiness State level by 2 instead of 1.
  • Town Buff: Increases Income Rate by 20% during Golden Age in the host town.
  • Town Buff: Reduces the training Coins/Hammer/Growth cost of settler units by 25%.

Statue of Liberty Type: Production

  • Civ Wide: Increases the trommels chances of producing precious minerals by 25%.
  • Civ Wide: Increase the maximum level of Trommel and Quarry by 1 across your Civilization.
  • Town Buff: When Quarries roll an Obsidian, it will produce 3 extra Obsidian in addition in the host town.
  • Civ Wide: Civilization's Residents gain a permanent Haste I effect.

The Great Library Type: Scientific

  • Civ Wide: Increases the Beakers Rate of the Civilization by 15%.
  • Civ Wide: Increases the maximum level of Library by 1 across your Civilization.
  • Town Buff: Static scientific structures get +5% Beakers rate in the host town.
  • Capitol buff: Allow unique enchantments in the Capitol's Library.

Mother Tree Type: Scientific

  • Civ Wide: Increase Strategic Outpost rate by 20% inside every town of your Civilization.
  • Civ Wide: Gives you 25 beakers per Strategic Outpost built inside your Civilization.
  • Civ Wide: Increases the maximum level of Tree farm and Strategic Outpost by 1 across your Civilization.
  • Town Buff: For each Temperate forests chunks inside your host town you gain 1 flat beaker.
  • Civ Wide: You can buy/upgrade the following custom potions in the Alchemy Store: Saturation Potion, Health Boost Potion, Night Vision Potion, Jump Boost Potion

Oxford University Type: Scientific

  • Civ Wide: Increases the effectiveness of tax coins spent on Beakers by 25% across the Civilization.
  • Civ Wide: Increases the maximum level of Lab by 1 across your Civilization.
  • Town Buff: Let you change your Science Tax to Hammers or Culture tax and this would be split across all towns.
  • Town Buff: Quests' reward give you 25 beakers per era.

Chichen Itza Type: War Defensive

  • Civ Wide: Non member of the Civilization are affected by Slowness I for 10 seconds while damaged.
  • Civ Wide: Increases the maximum level of Arcane Tower by 1 across your Civilization.
  • Town Buff: Increases the Host Town's Control Blocks' Hit Points by 15.
  • Civ Wide: Respawn time is reduced by 1 second when you die in your own culture.

Neuschwanstein Castle Type: War Defensive

  • Civ Wide: Increases the Hit Points of your Defensive Structures inside your entire Civilization by 20%.
  • Civ Wide: Increases the regeneration rate of Structures in the entire Civilization by 1 Hit Points per 5 seconds.
  • Civ Wide: Increases the maximum level of Arrow Tower by 1 across your Civilization.
  • Town Buff: The Town cannot be pillaged as long as this wonder is standing.
  • Civ Wide: For every 2 defensive Catalysts on your gear your defense will be increased by an extra 0.3 flat (1 free virtual catalyst every 2 catalysts).

Temple of Artemis Type: War Defensive

  • Civ Wide: Increases the range of your Towers by 25%.
  • Civ Wide: Increases the maximum level of Scout Tower and Fletchery by 1 across your Civilization.
  • Town Buff: Non allied players in your border will have glowing permanently, also giving more information on: HP and armor types)
  • Civ Wide: Reduces the training/promotingHammer/Growth cost of range units by 33%. Also reduces the XP requirement of leveling your range units by 33%

Brandenburg Gate Type: War Offensive

  • Civ Wide: You're able to craft and use a Fortified War-Camp which has 4 arrow towers which uses the arrow tower level of the Host town and the warcamp has 25 more HP.
  • Civ Wide: Increases the maximum level of Artillery Towers by 1 across your Civilization.
  • Town Buff: Increases the host town's max catalyst success rate to 90%.
  • Civ Wide: Reduces the training/leveling Hammer/Growth cost of melee units by 33%. Also reduces the XP requirement of leveling your melee units by 33%

The Colossus Type: War Offensive

  • Civ Wide: Civilization at war with you receives only half of it's regeneration towards all structures and wonders.
  • Civ Wide: Increase the maximum level of Mage Tower by 1 across your Civilization
  • Town Buff: Reduces the Catalysts' fail chance by 10% in your Host Town.
  • Civ Wide: For every 2 offensive catalysts on your weapon will increase your damage by 0.3 flat (1 free catalyst every 2 catalysts)

Grand Ship Ingermanland Type: War Offensive

  • Civ Wide: During war, damage against Town's structures have 50% chance to be increased by 1.
  • Civ Wide: Increase the maximum level of Cannon Tower by 1 across your Civilization.
  • Town Buff: Every 60 seconds, you can bombard a random functional defensive structure in the town of your choice (/civ bombard town). It will always target the tower with the lowest HP first. Example: A Scout Tower has 250 Hitpoints but an Arrow Tower in the town has 200, it will focus this one first. The bombardment will deal 100 damage and will do an artillery explosion nearby. If it destroys a tower it will enter a 3 minute reloading penalty for doing the last hit.
  • Civ Wide: Civilization's residents damage against Town's Control Blocks increased by 1.
  • It also has integrated cannon towers on the side now

Wonder Combo Buffs

The Wonder Combo buffs can be found on the wikipedia:


A needed change was the main core of the diplomacy system. Below is the new diplomacy system. It might needs some touch-ups, but it went a long way from where it used to be: [Change] /c dip declare and /c dip request has been moved to /c dip change

  • Neutral: Still the neutral relationship. no real buffs or cons.
  • Embassy: Currently only used to get an Open Border agreement. Might be used for different reasons in the future.
  • Open Borders: You require an Embassy relation with the other Civilization in order to get an Open Border agreement. Currently, you won't be able to travel to other Civilizations and City-States using a Stable or Shipyard unless you have an Open Border agreement. It will automatically expire after 7 days. The remaining time can be seen in the /c dip change GUI or /c dip show.
  • Alliance: You need to have an Embassy relation in order to get an alliance with the other Civilization. When having an Alliance, you will be able to view their town statistics in /t info using /t show. It will automatically expire after 14 days. You cannot declare war upon that Civilization when having an Alliance.
  • Defensive Pact: You require to have an alliance with that Civilization to get a Defensive pact and generally lasts for 7 days or until the alliance ends. A defensive pact means that whenever one of the two civs gets warred by another Civilization that the other one joins instantly with the aggressor Civilization being the one that declares war upon the first Civilization.
  • Peace Agreement: You can only get a Peace Agreement if canceling out of a war and the other party agrees to it as well. A Peace Treaty will last for 7 days or until the end of upcoming War-Time, whichever comes first. You won't be able to declare war upon that Civilization when the Peace Treaty is active.
  • Hostile: Unchanged, still the same as before. Towers will shoot, scout towers will scout you.
  • Agressive War: Just like old war, unchanged.

Trade and Strategic

Trade Goods

Trade goods has gotten a complete overhaul! You can view it at our wikipedia.

Strategic Goods

Strategic Goods has gotten a complete overhaul as well! You can view it at our wikipedia.

Frozen River now counts as a Cold Biome instead of a Snowy Biome


Some changes to rates and buffs of Governments.

Government Values

  • Anarchy
  • Upkeep Rate changed from 300% to 400%


  • Tribalism
  • Upkeep Rate changed from 25% to 50%


  • Despotism
  • Upkeep Rate changed from 125% to 150%
  • Culture Rate changed from 90% to 80%
  • Hammer Rate changed from 90% to 100%


  • Monarchy
  • Special buff changed from "Your Cottages can consume 1 Strategic Good to gain 1 extra XP when fed. They also won't lose any level when being destroyed during War-Time." to "Your Farms, Windmills, Pastures and Trade Outposts only count as 0.5 tile improvement instead of a full one. Also, your Cottages won't lose any XP when destroyed during War-Time"
  • Trade Amount from 5 to 6


  • Communism
  • Upkeep Rate changed from 75% to 50%
  • Cottage Rate changed from 100% to 125%


  • Technocracy
  • Trade Amount from 7 to 4


  • Mercantilism
  • Upkeep Rate changed from 100% to 125%
  • Trade Good Rate changed from 190% to 180%
  • Maximum Tax Rate changed from 20% to 15%


  • Republic Special buff changed from 20% reduction from government scaling to 30%.
  • Upkeep Rate from 115% to 100%
  • Culture Rate from 135% to 140%


  • Democracy
  • Trade Amount from 3 to 4

Buffs from Governments

  • Changed the default trade good multiplier from 1 to 0
  • Lab Rates aren't taking the beaker rate from the government into account anymore
  • Temple Rates aren't taking the Culture Rate from the government into account anymore


In this update, some structures got added which has an impact on war and general daily tasks.


Walls have been changed to have a chunk-wide patern now and the height will be the same if you build it next to another wall. In ordrer to correctly build a wall, you also have wall gates with NPC's to open and close the wall gate and wall corners.

Players are not able to dig through, under or over it until the wall chunk above has been destroyed. It also blocks any arrows show by Ender Bows.

  • HP has been increased from 1,000 HP to 1,250 HP
  • If you break a block under it during War-Time, it will turn into stone like any other structure block
  • TnT is no longer in place for this structure since TnT has been removed from the game.


Always getting annoyed or tired by killing pasture mobs yourself? Wait no longer! The Butchery has been added into the game with special kind of swords! Whenever you input pasture eggs and a (preferred, explained later) sword, the Butcher will kill the mobs for you and output it's loot into the output chest.

The Butcher places one mob every 20 seconds and kills them shortly after.


Each type of mob has it's preferred custom sword. Whenever you insert it's preferred sword the drops are increased. Below are the default rates without any buffs for each mob;

  • Cow
  • Beef: Minimum 1, maximum 3
  • Leather: Minimum 0, maximum 2
  • Sheep
  • Mutton: Minimum 1, maximum 2
  • Pig
  • Porkchop: Minimum 1, maximum 3
  • Chicken
  • Chicken Meat: Minimum 1, maximum 1
  • Feathers: Minimum 0, maximum 2

If you input a preferred sword, you will get a bonus of 1 flat. However, each level of looting adds 1 to the maximum amount. The technology Advanced Efficiency also adds 1 bonus to the maximum output. Once the mob is killed, we will roll a dice with it's eyes being the maximum amount of items and we insert the item into the chest where the dice landed on. Afterwards, we are adding the one flat bonus from it's preferred sword.


Like stated above, you can use preferred swords to get more output from them. Soon we will fill the wikipedia with all the correct pictures of crafting recipes. Each tier has 4 types of swords, the Pig Butchery Sword, the Sheep Butchery Sword, the Cow Butchery Sword and the Chicken Butchery Sword.

Tier 1 uses the 8 Crafted meat which is crafted by using 9 meat . You also require an Iron Sword in the middle.

Tier 2 uses Refined meat which is crafted by using 9 Crafted meat. You also require a Steel Sword in the middle

Tier 3 uses Reinforced meat which is crafted by using 9 Refined meat. You also require a Carbide Sword in the middle

Tier 4 uses Robust meat which is crafted by using 9 Reinforced meat. You also require a Titanium Sword in the middle

You can also use the swords manually, but only if you're a civilian unit.


Wanting to wage war, but are you tired of endlessly crafting arrows yourself? I have the perfect solution for you!

The Fletchery structure is a new levelable structure which processes 5 planks, 5 gravel and 1 feather into 5 arrows. To even get faster output of your Fletchery, you can upgrade it. Per level, it will have 10% more chance to process another time, non stackable.


At technologies Fortification, Global War and Compass you can upgrade your Fletchery to it's next level. Below is it's cost per level.

Level 2: 5000 coins, 500 hammers

Level 3: 7500 coins, 1000 hammers

Level 4: 12000 coins, 1250 hammers

Level 5: 17500 coins, 1750 hammers

Adventure's Guild

Together with re-adding the cooldown on /t changetown (listed in misc), it's time to make it easier to manage towns. One of the changes we've added to make it easier is an Adventure's Guild. Since quests are selectable now (listed in misc), you can walk to the other town to select a quest to complete it, or you can build this structure to select the quest from here!

You can select a quest from every town inside your Civilization to progress, when selected it will add progress on it and multiple people can select it all at the same time!

Whenever it's completed, you will still have to claim it in the same GUI, or in it's structure.


  • The Altar structure now requires the Monument structure
  • The Temple structure now requires the Altar structure.
  • Reworked Pasture levels:
  • Level 1:
    • Consumption changed from 6 wheat to 8 wheat
      • Output:
        • Changed 2 Cow Egg to 1 Cow egg and 1 Chicken Egg
  • Level 2:
    • Consumption changed from 12 wheat to 16 wheat
    • Output:
      • Changed 4 Cow Egg to 2 Cow egg and 2 Chicken Egg
  • Level 3:
    • Consumption changed from 26 wheat to 32 wheat
    • Output:
      • Changed 8 Cow Egg to 3 Cow egg and 3 Chicken Egg
  • Level 4:
    • Consumption changed from 45 wheat to 46 wheat
    • Output:
      • Changed 10 Cow Egg to 4 Cow egg and 4 Chicken Egg
      • Changed 6 Sheep Eggs to 5 Sheep Egg
  • Level 5:
    • Consumption changed from 64 wheat to 72 wheat
    • Output:
      • Changed 15 Cow Egg to 6 Cow egg and 6 Chicken Egg
      • Changed 10 Sheep Eggs to 8 Sheep Egg
  • Level 6:
    • Consumption changed from 90 wheat to 96 wheat
    • Output:
      • Changed 22 Cow Egg to 8 Cow egg and 8 Chicken Egg
      • Changed 15 Sheep Eggs to 12 Sheep Egg
  • Level 7:
    • Consumption: No changes
    • Output:
      • Changed 30 Cow Egg to 10 Cow egg and 10 Chicken Egg
      • Changed 20 Sheep Eggs to 15 Sheep Egg
  • Changed upgrade cost of Cottages:
    • Level 2: 6000 -> 5000
    • Level 3: 12000 -> 7500
    • Level 4: 25000 -> 12500
    • Level 5: 50000 -> 20000
    • Level 6: 75000 -> 35000
    • Level 7: 100000 -> 50000
    • Level 8: 125000 -> 75000
    • Level 9: 150000 -> 100000
    • Level 10: 175000 -> 125000



The categories has been changed for policies;

  • Income is no longer unlocked at tier 1 but at tier 2
  • War offensive is no longer unlocked at tier 2.


Some policies has been changed as well;

  • Scientific Focus (Victory): Decreases Beaker Cost of The Enlightenment by 15%
  • Architect (Victory): Decreases Coulcil of Eight's Hammer Cost by 10%
  • Turtling (Victory): Increases range of all your towers by 20% and also increases all HP of structures, defensive structures and wonders by 15%
  • Architect (Victory): Only affects Countil of Eight now instead of all wonders.
  • Tourism (Victory): Increases Culture Rate across Civilization by 10% and reduces the Culture required per level by 15%
  • Extra Culture Biome: Each culture zone gains 10 Culture.

Victory Points

  • Dynamic Victory Points are no longer being tracked by Civilization but by Town. The Civilization of the Town will be granted the Victory Points.
  • The Enlightenment can no longer be looped and will grant 1 Victory Point per week if you own the technology during the Dynamic Victory Point Timer.
  • You cannot get the static Victory Points anymore more than once from each town/civilization. You can only get it once if you pillage them.

Biome Stats

  • Savanna:
  • Happiness changed from 0.04 to 0.035
  • Beakers changed from 0.75 to 1.0
  • Mountains:
  • Hammers changed from 3.0 to 2.5
  • Happiness changed from 0.01 to 0.015
  • Swamp:
  • Hammers changed from 1.0 to 0.75
  • Happiness changed from 0.025 to 0.02

Damage / Units

Explorer Unit

An Explorer unit is a unit specialized in killing mobs and (soon tm) hunt down Ruins.

Misc changes

  • Made it so the Explosive Arrows promotion from Archers scales with the tier of the bow.
  • Made it so all units get some experience from killing mobs, but every unit has a designated mob that doubles the XP. For example, Crossbowman has a designed mob of Sludges and gains (tierlevel * 2) XP, and every other mob it kills it gains (tierlevel) amount.
  • Changed Unit strategic good requirements:
    • Explorer: Black Pearls
    • Miner: Gypsum
    • Lumberjack: Seaweed
    • Engineer: Sulphur
    • Hoplite: Titanium
    • Warrior: Silver
    • Archer: Linen
    • Crossbowman: Oil
    • Captain: Sapphire
  • Reduced every bow damage by 1.
  • Added so Civilian units instantly replace crops they break if they have the needed item in their inventory.
  • Made it so reviving your units costs (500 coins * level) * lostHP instead of 5000 * lostHP
  • Changed Machine Gun so you cannot shoot arrow anymore while the Machine Gun is happening.
  • Made it so the Machine Gun promotion only shoots 1 extra arrow per level instead of 3.
  • Renamed Captain unit to Warlord

Other changes

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed only being able to use spawn eggs with dispensers in pasture chunks
  • Fixed Sawmill not having button in it's NPC
  • Fixed bow damage still being odd when holding an item in your off-hand.
  • Fixed items going away when doing /res repair while your blacksmith is still constructing
  • Fixed always receiving a message that it cannot remove an upgrade from the upgrade queue while it actually can.


  • Made it so you cannot buy feathers anymore in the market.
  • Added Rabbit and Horse to the buff from the Hunting Technology.
  • Changed Hunting buff from +1 passive mob drop to 50% chance to get +1 mob drop
  • Made it so structures aren't processing anymore whenever server is in reboot mode (1 min countdown)
  • Changed potion requirements: - Speed Potiion moved to Rationalism technology - Healing II moved from Potenty to Brewing and Sanitation technology - Extended potions moved from Longevity civic to Agency technology
  • Removed Golden Carrot from ruin loot
  • Added War Camp name and War Camp location whenever a control block has been damaged.
  • Added missing information about the passive buff of archer in lore.
  • Made it so you cannot destroy Trade Outposts during War-Time.
  • Made it so quests are no longer automatically processed, now you have to select the quest it in the structure or Adventurer's Guild. Some quests like finishing structures doesn't need to be selected.
  • Now you can select quests in other town's structures inside your Civilization to start processing this quest.
  • Removed the use of TNT for now. It's no longer craftable and it won't deal any damage anymore.
  • Made it so teammates doesn't get damaged anymore from Explosive Arrows promotion.
  • Changed it so you cannot build mines outside your own town's culture.
  • Removed the upkeep discount for City-States
  • Renamed Written Laws technology to Laws
  • Sawmill will output less planks upon processing logs
  • Bakery has a 10% base rate on the processing bonus. So, it will be 10% + (level * 10%) chance to get a bonus bread.
  • Nerfed the sawmill item processing amount from 16 per 20 seconds to 5 per 20 seconds.
  • Nerfed the Tree Farm processing amount from once every 60 seconds to once every 240 seconds.
  • Nerfed the level 5 tree farm processing amount from -15 seconds to -10 seconds
  • Nerfed the Trommel processing amount from 10 items every 20 seconds to 9 items every 20 seconds.
  • Nerfed the Quarry Level 5 upgrade from +20% to +10% rate
  • Added a 6 hour cooldown timer on /t changetown again.
  • Added 1 extra chest per granary.
  • Balanced Fortune on quarry from 20% per level to 5% per level.
  • Added the research estimate to /c research list. This does not take into account if you're currently researching.
  • Added Built and Collected to /t resource and /c resource
  • Made /t resource free for everyone to use, but /c resource a perk for Immortal+.
  • Changed Mystical Enhancement technology from unlimited catalysts to 8 capped catalysts
  • Tile Improvement Rework in Town Levels:

Current New

Settlement 4 -> 4

Hamlet 6 -> 7

Village 8 -> 10

Large Village 12 -> 13

Town 15 -> 16

Large Town 17 -> 19

City 20 -> 22

Large City 25 -> 25

Metropolis 30 -> 30

Capital 35 -> 35